Sebzeli Tavuklu Happy Life Erişte

Hazırlama Süresi: 20 Dakika
Pişirme Süresi: 10 Dakika
Toplam Süre: 30 Dakika



  • 1 Paket Happy Life Organik Erişte 500 Gr
  • 1 Parça Tavuk Göğsü
  • 1 Adet Havuç
  • 4 Adet Taze Fasulye
  • 3 Çorba Kaşığı Soya Sosu
  • 1 Tutam Taze Nane
  • Happy Life Organik Himalaya Kaya Tuzu (Beyaz)
  • Happy Life Organik Zeytinyağı
  • Su


1. Tencereye su koyup kaynatıyoruz.
2. Tuz, Yağ ilave ediyoruz.
3. Suyun İçine Happy Life Organik Erişte bırakıp diğer tarafta tavanın içine yağ döküp jülyen doğranmış tavuk etlerini ilave ediyoruz.
4. Kavrulan tavukların üzerine soya sosu ilave ediyoruz.
5. Diğer tarafta tencereye su koyuyoruz. İçine tuz ilave edip jülyen doğranmış havuçları haşlıyoruz.
6. Havuçları soğuk suya aldıktan sonra taze fasulyeleri haşlıyoruz.
7. Haşlama işlemi bitince bütün sebzeleri süzüyoruz.
8. Haşlanan erişteyi süzüp soğutuyoruz.
9. Üzerine ince doğranmış taze nane serpiyoruz.
10. Üzerine tavuk etlerini koyup havuçları, taze fasulyeyi diziyoruz.



Healthy products are a friend of your body health. According to a study conducted in Melbourne in 2014, organic nutrition once a week it reduces the pesticide level by almost 90%. In other words, it is possible to say that it has an important positive effect for our body.
Nutritional Values

Some studies indicate that organic products contain between 19% and 69% higher antioxidants than their traditional competitors. It seems meaningful that foods contain more antioxidants since they are not processed to protect against pesticides and herbicides. These foods, which make our bodies more resistant thanks to their beneficial properties, help us fight diseases.


Of course, this is a subjective matter; However, the fact that gourmet chefs turn to organic foods due to their quality and superior taste, inevitably encourages us to use organic foods. Also, many customers think like gourmet chefs. One of the most important reasons for purchasing organic products is their taste. This is especially true for food products that are produced on local farms and sold close to where they are produced. With this method, the product can mature correctly and its true taste emerges.

Exposure to Chemical Substances

When we minimize the sickness-causing pesticide intake, we take an important step for our health. There is a link between the chemicals we are exposed to when we consume traditional foods and headache, nausea, and even cancer and nerve damage. Although we can't avoid all of the toxins that surround us, it's up to us to get rid of the obvious and easily ridiculous toxins. Moreover, many traditional foods are GMO (Genetically Modified Organism). Experiments on animals have revealed that there are some problems for human health in GMO products. So it's best not to take risks for our lives.


Organic agriculture is aimed at restoring the balance in nature lost as a result of wrong practices, by controlling diseases and pests with biological struggle that ensures continuity in the fertility of the soil, including human and environmentally friendly production systems, prohibiting the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides, organic and green fertilization, crop rotation. and soil conservation, every stage from production to consumption is under control and the product obtained is documented with a certificate.

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Organic Pasta

Organic Pasta

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Organic Tomato Paste

Organic Olive & Olive Oil

Organic Olive & Olive Oil

In organic agriculture, no chemicals or pesticides are used in the processes of growing, collecting, harvesting, slaughtering, processing, sorting, packaging, labeling, preservation, storage, transportation and delivery of the product to the consumer.

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